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October 29, 2005


Glad you're OK.....I like both these probably the 2nd one more so, what a get-up she has on.

Glad you survived!

And that you are putting up pictures instead of cleaning up!!

love your pictures - I'm particularly intruigued by the coloured borders and how they mingle or not with your figures.

Thanks Detlef and Caroline. And those get ups are real. There's a whole book worth of portraits to draw in that book. And the border idea I got from Sheila Hudson's work.

Hi! glad to hear you're ok and back! I missed seeing your drawings :-)
These two drawings are great -- i like both, actually. I LOVE color and i love it when paintings and drawings are full of them. Details are great and the borders are wonderful!
Thanks for dropping by my site :-) hope to see your BCs up soon.

I love these, especially the colors in the one on the right!

I am glad you're OK! Welcome back blogging :-)

Thanks Chrixean, Linda and Diong - it does feel good to be back. The first thing I did when the power came on was go on line.

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