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January 28, 2006


This most certainly conveys attitude...and attitde can carry one a long way.

oh, man. You captured it. PERFECT. xoxo

Great attitude! Forever Glamorous!! PS: those grazes on Miss Ms elbows and shoulders don't hurt I'm sure :)

Well if you're going to have an attitude and not wear protective pads when you roller blade, need I say more. Thanks Anon, Det and of course ms. M.

This is the 21st century version of Pippi Longstocking with a serious dose of attitude. Love it!!!

Very fun!

Very funny.... and all those catalogues are finally creeping out and draping their wares around your models!

Thanks Kisane,Lyn and Caroline. I knew all that practice would pay off. Finally have some clothing to put on all those figures.

Attitude says it all. Very cool illustration.

it's true!

You have captured attitude with a splash of glamour perfectly! Love your work and colours!!!

Exercise is good for everybody, even if you get a lil' scratch here and there. Ya gotta walk it off...

Great work, Janey!

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