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October 21, 2006


My, my ... a woman of so many skills. I particularly like the first one, both a ca garment and as a work of art.

That's my favorite too Robin. I posted these in the order that I drew them and the top The BeeBop was the last one. It did take a while to into the rhythm of those knitting needles again:D

These hats are great. When I first saw them they looked like Christmas ornaments. There's an idea for you to draw if you are inclined. Now I am off to look at your etsy store!

Now that's an idea. I wonder if I could knit a dradle:D

Here's a sketch of my favourite knitting shop

Alison, that shop sketch is adorable. I can feel my fingers itching to touch all that colorful overflowing yarn.

I'm in love with Abigale. I want to wear it and hang it on my wal in both 3d and 2d. Beautiful.

Oh my word. I simply must have an Abigale. And a Bumpy. If only I had two heads...

Thanks yvette and dari. No computer so I haven't been posting drawings but there are plenty of more hats in the Knitting Shoppe. I'll probably be scanning 24 hrs straight once my pc is back.

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