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October 26, 2006


You may consider buying a Mac which are less succeptible to viruses. I lost an HP pc 2 months ago. Now I run Spyware Doctor everyday and it finds "things" on my PC. even after 5 minutes of finding and deleting. One other thing I try to do is not being connec`ted if I don't need to.

Just so you know... you are inspiring. Now I have one of your drawings as my desktop picture, the one with the message of Van Gogh about writing every day: "Not a day without a line..." It is so inspiring. It moves me to write (fantasy, my dreams) and do sketches every day. I have been very prolific since I put that up. Hope you get up in the Net soon, I know how it feels. And.. If you do not want to buy a Mac, buy a Toshiba... :-)(need not publish)

Hang in there Janey ... this too shall pass. Just breathe deeply, just breathe ...

Oh my gosh. I'm in withdrawal for you -- just sympathy pains, that is -- my computer is fine. For the moment. I love my computer. It's SCARY to think of losing her, uh, I mean IT ... yeah, IT ...oh my gosh, this is distressing! I hope your hard drive arrives SOON!

JANEY!! I got home on Sunday night and there was that lovely postcard and magnet of Murphy!!!! Thank you soooo much! I love them. Murphy is getting the place of honour on our fridge.

Haven't had a chance to use my home Mac yet cause of work (which is where I'm still at, at 7.08pm - sheesh!) I totally understand your frustrations with being PC-less. Hope all gets resolved soon.

I feel your pain. I just recently bought a new/used Mac G5 for $1000. Mine bit the dust after what I think was a brown out. I now turn off my computer daily. I used to leave it running 24/7.

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