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April 24, 2008


I'm so sorry.

I feel for you but you have done a good thing. We can't keep them past their time.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I had to make the same decision two years ago. It was terrible (and I'm in tears now). But it was the right thing to do. We can't let them suffer, can we?

I am only now seriously considering getting another pussycat - in spite of all the heartache.

Take care, sweetie.

I feel with you Janey. she was loved, that is the most important and she will always have that little corner in your heart.

Oh Janey.... lots of virtual love and hugs ... I haven't been here for a bit and all this happens. I have this lovely picture of Zoe on the wall between my partner and my desks (yes I know its a magnet, but we haven't got a fridge in the office/studio).

Hope you find an equally incredible muse soon (and good luck with the renovations!)...

Enjoy cat heaven, Zoe!

Sorry for your loss, Janey. I do not have a pic of Zoe but I made one of her in your style... I will keep it with my collection"Janeys"

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