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June 24, 2008


Both are wonderful - your cat sketches always get to me, and I love the way you focus on a detail of a person and catch so much. My mom was just here for a visit and my cat eyed her warily the whole time.

Hi Janey!
How's it going with mom?
A few more days to go?
Believe me, I understand. Love my mom, but she drives me completely nuts... she stayed with me for a week last summer after she burned her house down. (yeah, she burned her house down).
Anyhoo, what a nightmare you are having with the contractors eh? Not fun.
Despite it all I hope you are well!
♬ Carolyn

Phew ... sounds like you've had quite a bit on your plate with the builders and your mom .... hopefully you'll have the house back to yourself very very soon :)

Love the leaves by the way... am inspired to do some soon ...

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