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June 20, 2008


Uh freakin' way. This is so wrong. He needs to get his butt back over there and fix the other 2 inches and all the other sloppy stuff. Pronto.

The couple of crooked tiles is really not noticeable. I see them because I know it's there. The crooked baskets can't be fixed unless he replaces the tile. I think I can take care of everything else. And besides, I think he'd just mess something else up if he did try to fix anything. I just want him out of my life.

I'm so sorry, Janey, but it was to be expected, wasn't it? I don't know of anyone who's had things done to their property without something being wrecked or whatever. Why do you think my bathroom has been like a bomb site for two and a half years. I just can't cope with the idea of having builders around. When the hypnotherapy and all the Valiums have started working and I can face it, I will get in touch with a firm employing women. I think *they* might care whether tiles are crooked or not.

That's funny. Whenever I tell the story, I always add that a woman wouldn't have done it that way. I wonder how you'd find a women's renvotion company?

Wow Im sorry this happened to you. My sister went through this very thing last month. I suppose that some guys have done a thing or two in their or friends homes and call themselves experts. She is for lack of a better word...PISSED

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