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October 29, 2008


That's a ... wait for it ...
bootiful drawing.

You knew it was coming from somebody. I just got here first.

Oh, Linda. So bad. :-D

YAH! Das boot ser gut! Yay! You can move around a bit...that's got to do wonders for your psyche, no?

Oh that is good news Janey... finally the light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy your renewed sense of 'Every Day Matters'.

Welcome back!
- Paula J.

Fantastic! You're getting from strength to strength. All the best! :-)

Oops, meant '*going* from strength to strength'...

Danke, danke. Yah, das boot is bootiful to the pyche. Mobility is a wonderful thing. And the swelling goes down a little every day. I'm really looking forward to getting back to work (hard to imagine isn't it?).

YAY! 'bout time you got to enjoy a bit of that "time off." I gave dire warnings to my own plate glass coffee table when had I read about the latest attempt on your life. Glad you are out and a-boot!

So glad things are going better! Very happy for you!

Continuing best wishes,

Yeah - finally you are nearing the end of this horrid ordeal!! Enjoy your Days!!!

So glad you are getting through all this! I do hope you find a way to enjoy the rest of your time!

so glad you're doing so much better. How is it being back to work?

Hmmm... so we are going to assume, because of your extended absence, that you are out running around?
:-D HEY -- let us know what's going on, okay! ? ! (we miss you.)

I hope you're still improving - maybe off on holiday somewhere?

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